That Hackerriffic Plain Dealer’s Jane Eauster

Jane Eauster reguritates the same crappy article she wrote for buddy Connie a few days ago. And she bases this article entirely on what ?

And from the accounts of people who worked on his campaign, it appears clear that Hackett never fully grasped just how big a challenge he took on when he decided to run for Senate in a state as high-profile as Ohio.

Mysterious, unnamed “people who worked on the campaign”.

I have talked to Hackett’s senior staff including Dale Butland and David Woodroof and not a single one holds the opinion or recounts the tall tale Eauster tries to tell here.

In her first hackerriffic article she even dropped an out of context quote from Suzi Hackett into the piece, from an interview done before Hackett withdrew and was still on the campaign trail. I talked to Suzi too and she told me she talked to Eauster for almost 2 hours and the quote bore no resemblance to the conversation she had with her.

It seems like operation “Blame Hackett” is still trying to get off the launching pad.

Again, if Hackett had such a hard time fundraising, how come Brown barely did any better ? If Hackett didn’t trust his staff, how come it was Brown who fired his political and field directors, not Hackett ?

The truth of this story is a very simple one, and obviously needs repeating for the likes of people like Eauster. Sherrod Brown went out of his way to ask his congressional buddies to knee cap Hackett’s fundraising. He admits this fact himself. Sherrod Browns campaign manager was spreading “war crime” rumors about Hackett’s service. Brown himself admits it was Lucas who told him, as too do county chairs. Lucas is no longer campaign manager.

Really Jane, you have to do better than “people in the campaign” and spouting talking points writen by your Plain Dealer buddy and Brown strategist Connie Shultz. you’re picking at the scab before the scab has even had time to form.

Must be time for another fence mending tour.

Warming To Ted

I think we might have some fun this year in the Governors race if Blackwell is the nominee. From today’s Blade, discussing Blackwell going all ballistic on Petro

Democratic leaders questioned whether Mr. Blackwell could claim GOP “outsider” status credibly.

The party’s endorsed candidate for governor, U.S. Rep. Ted Strickland, called Mr. Blackwell “transparent in his attempts to absolve himself of any responsibility for what has happened in the state of Ohio” in an interview this week.

“His behavior reminds me of the sinner who is facing death and trying to absolve himself of a life of sin,” Mr. Strickland said. “It’s akin to a deathbed conversion.… I don’t think it will work.”

Won’t work if Ted keeps this up.

Stephen Brooks, the associate director of the Ray C. Bliss Institute of Applied Politics at the University of Akron, said it was unclear how much reform-minded voters would distinguish between Republicans in November. He also said Mr. Blackwell’s attacks could add volume to Democrats’ criticism of Republican ethics.

“There is that tenet in advertising that if you want someone to understand the message, you have to repeat it 15 times,” Mr. Brooks said. “And if Blackwell repeats it 15 times before the primary and the Democrats repeat it 30 times before the general, then he’s helped” advance the message.

Bllackwell in his own desperation and TV ads might very well be sinking the entire ticket into the corruption swamp Republicans have been trying to wade out of for over a year now.

Heck I might even donate a few bucks to Blackwell so he can keep it up !

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