Statewide Candidates Forum – Part Two

Yeah yeah I’ll get to Brown and Hackett, but first a bit of generalization.

There were about 250 people there, standing room only. However there were an awful lot of familiar faces and a lot of campaign staffers, grass roots organization leaders and no where near as many grass roots Democrats as I would have hoped for, for such a great event. If we don’t show up as Howard Dean says we’re going to find it difficult to win.

The other noticeable thing was the distinct lack of press and media. In fact there were none. Not until Hackett turned up did the cameras arrive. That’s great for Hackett, but boy, what else did the Dispatch, PeeDee, Blade, Enquirer and all the news stations have to cover on a rainy Saturday afternoon ? It’s pathetic. No wonder we have such a politically uneducated voting population.

At least now people have the blogs to turn too to get their news from these events. IF the media wants to become irrelevant, this is how they should continue acting. OH-2 live blogged the event, I saw Jerid from Live From Dayton there (now working for Studebaker), Psycobilly, ODP Watch, to name a few. Keep an eye on leftybogs for more.

I had a chance to talk to a number of folks. Stephanie Studebaker stood out as a very good candidate, running in OH-3 against Mike turner. She is hiring an impressive staff with records of recent success – always a good sign. She was also very approachable and open and sounded like a good ally to the blogs.

I also talked to some of Fingerhut’s folks. They wouldn’t give me the scoop on who he was going to announce as his LT, but I did get the impression it was going to be either a woman or minority. We’ll have to wait and see. They also came across as very determined and serious about winning – and no Eric won’t be walking around the state asking us all to send him our old sneakers !

John Sauter, the ODP central Ohio field coordinator was also there and we had a interesting chat about all things central Ohio. John is one of the good guys at ODP and gets it, whatever “it” is. We talked about OH-18 and agreed that both Zack Space and Joe Sulzer were good candidates but that it was a very tough district for us to win and we should not be complacent just because Bob Ney is a criminal. Sulzer right now I think has the edge, but Space has a geographic advantage. We should also expect a strong candidate in OH-12 to run against Pat Tiberi. This is my district so that has me excited.

I also saw the BSB Troll. Heh. Ratdg1 there, though I didnt get the chance to pass any pleasantries – we can continue to do that in the comments I think.

Overall I think we have a strong slate of candidates up and down the ticket, stronger than in previous years. But we cannot be complacent, and we have a lot of minefields to navigate. We, as the grass roots, must support these candidates. without our help they can’t win. Find the candidate you like the most and give them 110%.

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