What Blackwell Blogged

I was going to go through the diatribe Blackwell wrote this week at the PeeDee, but Pho beat me to it and grasped one of my main impressions too – the utter lack of accountability he places at the feet of his own party for the decade long list of failures.

Reading Blackwell is something of a time warp. It’s 1979, all is bleak and all can be laid at the feet of tax-and-spend Democrats. We’re in a nationwide malaise and it’s all the fault of the other party. But of course, this isn’t 1979. It is 2006, going on ten years since Democrats controlled anything in the state. The economy is moribund with no end in sight. We are in statewide malaise, all the fault of, apparently, Republicans who aren’t Republican enough

I just want to touch on something else too regarding his TEL amendment nonsense. I think that says a lot about the man. If his administration is so worried about not being able to control spending without putting constitutional barriers in the way then i think it is rather laughable he could be the candidate of personal responsibility – he is by definition saying that he and his fellow Republicans have no self control, something we have also seen at the national level. If you dont have personal and civic responsibility how on earth could you be considered fit for office ? Lets just elect folks who do have responsibility and self control, that way we dont have to tie the hands of our elected officials. What is it about puritans who don’t trust themselves to act accordingly that they have to constrain their own behavior, and everyone else’s via legislation? What does it say about conservative ideology that they can’t be trusted to follow it when elected? Must be about time to do some more gay bashing, eh ?

Well Maybe I was Wrong

Write Like She Talks did her very own one on one MTB with Chris Redfern. As always it’s well written riveting stuff, but this one graff really stood out for me

If he were in a position akin to that of a media placement advisor for a corporation, but doing so for a politician, what percentage of a budget did he think blogs would get? Zero. Unequivocally.

None?There are so many reasons Redfern is wrong here and disturbingly so. First off, blogs cost virtually nothing to operate (unless you’re Sherrod Brown of course).Growing readership. Blogs speak with their readers in a more genuine way than any ODP press release can, when folks read a blog post they are engaged, they made the choice to read it – they sought it out. When folks get an email from a campaign or ODP they know it is inherently spun, and unsolicited. There isn’t a better way for ODP and campaigns to get their message out to the politically active than via blogs.Readership size. Ohio bloggers are leading the nation right now, according to the National Journal. We have a huge pool of writers covering the entire state and many many topics from lots of different points of view. If one were to aggregate the number of readers all these blogs are getting it’s the size of a serious labor union – and growing exponentially.

He stated at least a couple of times his belief that in 4-6-8 years, the story re: blogs may very well be entirely different.

We are not talking years, we are talking months. Screenshot 1-3 Finally, it isn’t so much how many are reading, though the more the merrier, it’s who is reading. Journalists, party insiders, campaigns, opposition etc. They all read the blogs. I am just as likely to get a call from the press as ODP on certain matters, as are many others. Bloggers are being quoted more and more. We are part of the media.If Chris Redfern really think he can ignore the blogs for 4,6 or 8 years I think we are going to lose a lot more races, miss a lot of opportunities for growing the party and raising money, and lose control of the political media space. I think Redfern is incredibly naive.This isn’t to say blogs are the be all and end all of politics now, far from it. The old school blocking and tackling are still vitally important, but the more I look at Democrats in Ohio the more I think we are stuck in 1990.I believe that the central problem is control. The party bosses are afraid of losing it. We see it in Sherrod Brown’s entitlement cries, in Ted Strickland’s moves and of course the ODP chair selection fiasco. I think what the old party machine don’t realize is that they need to give up some control to grow the party and include more people, and if they don’t then that control will simply be taken from them, as it was taken from the Ohio GOP by the extreme right.The party has been in their hands for decades and 2006 is the last chance saloon, a new fresh wave of people are riding in, with fresh ideas and energy. Redfern can either harness and unleash that for everyones benefit, or be caught up in our own Ohio tsunami.

Dan Dodd Has A Blog

Dan Dodd, running in district 91 has a blog, and this interesting post

It would appear that the race for the 91st Ohio House District is far from settled on two candidates. It would appear that the current State Representative has taken out petitions to run for the Ohio Senate seat to be vacated by Jay Hottinger. As of the writing of this entry, two different Republicans have taken out petitions to run for the 91st District seat with one and possibly two more people thinking about getting in a Republican primary. I’m not going to name names or talk about these candidates publicly, even though the fact that they took out petitions is a matter of public record. What I will say about them is that one of them appears to be a handpicked successor by our current State Representative and we can expect more of the same from him, while at least one of the others seems to be supported by the same people who have propelled our state into an economic and moral disaster with widespread job losses and rampant corruption that occurred as a result of one-party rule. We will surely have to wait and see what happens with these candidates. It’s certainly possible that one or more of these folks won’t get in the race at all. What I can say now is that unless new candidates emerge, it appears that the people on the other side are content with business as usual and have no intention of trying to save our state.

Interesting stuff, and he hits the nail on the head with his last sentence. Dan is running in the 91st currently held by the bigot Ron Hood, who ironically calls himself “Buckeye” Ron Hood, despite voting to cut funding for OSU – that’s how big of an asshole his is.

What The PeeDee Should Do

With the press sniffing around this PeeDee Blackwell blog controversy already, the Blackwell campaign and the PeeDee should do the following to diffuse the situation and become compliant with the election laws of Ohio.1. The PeeDee should put up a disclaimer that the opinions expressed are that of the candidate and not necessarily those of Cleveland.com2. They should make it clear on their candidate blog that their “open mike” is indeed open to all candidates.3. The Blackwell campaign and any subsequent campaign should end each post with a disclaimer that clearly states the candidates committee and address. I believe if they do this then they are compliant and would be offering a good civic service to their readers. If they do not I intend to file a complaint with the Ohio Elections Commission and we can all go down to Columbus for a hearing, then talk to the press afterwards.I would also like to thank the legal folks who contacted me – you had some great advice and insight. It’s a fortunate circumstance I know so many of you from working election reform issues over the past 12 months. The National journal picked this story up today

On 2/7, Tim Russo pointed out at Brewed Fresh Daily that the Cleveland Plain Dealer’s new blog, Open Mike, has so far included only posts by GOP GOV frontrunner and Sec/State Ken Blackwell. Russo asks: “How is this not a corporate contribution to Blackwell’s campaign? Only way it isn’t is if Blackwell paid for it.” The site is listed as being written by “Guest Contributors,” but there is no indication about how long Blackwell will be writing for it, or whether Dem GOV candidate/Rep. Ted Strickland will get a shot at it. Buckeye Senate Blog posts screen shots of the Plain Dealer blog and Blackwell’s own site, asking readers if they can tell the difference. In case you couldn’t spot it, he points it out: “The Blackwell blog has a disclaimer at the bottom, the PeeDee leaves it readers to guess who is paying and authorizing the material.” Russo updated this a.m. at BFD, suggesting that a complaint will be filed with the OH Elections Commis.

The ball is in the PeeDee’s court, and the clock is ticking.

Come On PeeDee, You’re Almost There

Yesterday I posted what I thought the PeeDee and Blackwell needed to do to be complaint with the law. It looks like they are trying, but they need to try just a little bit harder.Today they put up a schedule of other candidates who will step up to their open mike – that was one of the requests we made. They should make this agenda permanent however rather than let it slip down their blog post list.Next up comes disclosure. It’s at best a half assed effort and not good enough, come on PeeDee your toe is in the water – step right in the water is lovely.We have a right mixed bag of disclosure

Posted at 4:56 PM by Ohioans for Blackwell
Posted at 3:22 PM by Ohio Secretary of State Ken Blackwell
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Posted at 3:10 PM by Ohio Secretary of State Ken Blackwell
Posted at 6:19 PM by Ohioans for Blackwell,
Posted by Ohio Secretary of State Ken Blackwell

It’s almost schizophrenic. Is he posting as the Sec of State or candidate for Gov ? The posted by “Ohio Secretary of State Ken Blackwell” with a link to his campaign website is highly misleading.Let’s see if they can finally get it right tomorrow – it really isn’t that much that is being asked of them, not doing it now would be nothing more than stubbornness. I do like this at the top of their “open” blog though

The inside word Get the latest on the GOP gubernatorial primary, the U.S. Senate race and more in the The PD’s politics blog

Heh. Now I wonder who they are trying to compete with ?

The PeeDee Fires Back At BSB

Bill Sloat fires back, and his shot misses the point entirely.

Sorry, Buckeye, but Brown had nothing to do with it. I was down at the Hamilton County Board of Elections — ask us for directions and we’ll tell you how to get there, even where to park — looking up records on Hackett and others from Greater Cincinnati, including Ken Blackwell, Bob Taft and Phil Heimlich. That’s what reporters do (and “Open” is staffed by newspaper types).

Well I always thought “newspaper types” sourced their material too, but a quick reread of Sloat’s original piece reveals nothing of the source of the information, it’s just thrown out there, furthermore he still has not revealed which 2 years (out of 10) Hackett voted in a Republican primary. This is sloppy by blog standards, let alone “newspaper types”. Journalisming is hard work.BSB did email Sloat to try and find out if this was self sourced

Bill Did you discover this yourself or was it a tip ?
http://www.cleveland.com/weblogs/openers/index.ssf?/mtlogs/cleve_openers/archives/2006_02.html#110768 Be important for readers to know this so they can place the appropriate level of credibility to it.

But this misses the point entirely. Blogs are viral and Sherrod Browns campaign chose to try and promulgate this story via right wing blogs rather than use his own campaign blog or press release – showing an incredible lack of courage to attack or question his opponent face to face. That is the major point here – not where the original source of the material comes from. Hackett can, and I am sure will, answer this question, again, himself.To add comedy to Sloat’s routine he concludes his piece with this

I have not spoken to anybody with a Brown campaign since 1994, when he ran for secretary of state against Taft and lost. The last time I remember speaking to Sherrod was in Selma, Ala., in 1999 during a reenactment of the Bloody Sunday march over the Edmund Pettus Bridge.

Er, Bill, Brown didn’t lose to Taft in 1994, he lost to Taft in 1990 – by 1994 he was in congress. Facts are hard when you’re busy doing “newspaper type” stuff.

What Brown Is Going To Miss

Brown’s self censorship of his campaign on the blogs may appear to be a smart move for him now, and he may indeed feel like he has “neutralized” the blogs, but I fear this is something he is going to regret terribly if he wins the Primary.Take this post as an example of the attacks he is going to be facing from all angles on the right.

Take, for instance, Connie Schultz. Our Connie has two great loves in her professional life: gays and baby killers. I have already commented on some of her “gay” articles and on her article praising the person and work of the head of Planned Parenthood upon the retirement of that worthy. (See “American Holocaust IV: I’ll Stand at Attention as She Leaves, But Need I Salute?’ on this site.)

If he wins the primary right wing blogs are going to be pushing some incredibly nasty stuff out there to be picked up and echoed in more mainstream venues. This stuff is viral. It’s not like they don’t have much material to work with either. Whether they resurrect old attack lines of drug abuse (Taft actually ran ads on this in 1990), or delve into more recent speculation of his divorce. All this bile and slime is going to be pushed and picked up. Ask John McCain, John Kerry, Max Cleland, Tom Dashcle, Kaine, Corzine – the list is endless.When I started this blog it was with the intention of helping our candidates backstop this kind of thing, to use these baseless nasty attacks to our advantage as OH-2 did with Eric Minameyer’s attacks on Hackett’s patriotism and service.Sherrod Brown’s attitude to the blogs as evidenced by Shultz’s response yesterday to a MTB debate request

I did overhear Browns wife tell another person that “no, he was not going to meet the bloggers.” When quizzed further about it and asked “why not?” She replied that the “bloggers aren’t independent, but he will meet independent bloggers”. Then she qualified her statement with “I don’t speak for the campaign.”

Is going to have a awful lot of us sitting on the sidelines watching this inevitable trainwreck as we focus on candidates who have been open and responsive (The vast majority of them).It is strange to me that a candidate who talks of progressivism has such an ongoing visceral reaction to dissent and disagreement with people in his own party that he wants to marginalize them, even get them fired rather than engage them and use a process of persuasion.Given this attitude it surprises me little that Brown has been unable to build any sort of coalition to stop bills like CAFTA, why he attacks people like Tim Ryan and complains about his press coverage.Supporters of Sherrod Brown like to use the excuse that the Republicans have controlled the House since 1994 as reasons for his thin list of accomplishments. This is just an excuse.Since 1994 Democrats held the presidency for 6 years and also briefly controlled the Senate – more than enough legislative horse power to use to find bipartisan support to get things done. The fact that Brown has failed to deliver under these circumstances is as much an indication of how he deals with those that he disagrees with as any partisanship games being played.What we are seeing now in this campaign is the embodiment of this attitude for all to see.

Microsoft Really Good Edition

A source close to Microsoft tipped me off that Microsoft is abandoning their next windows platform called “Vista” and going in a new direction. Their next windows release is going to be Microsoft Really Good Edition, as could be expected the first public trial run didn’t go without a few hitches. Of course if you think I am crazy you obviously haven’t seen Microsoft’s CEO Steve Balmer in action.
On a serious note my ISP sent me this a couple of days ago

Dear Valued Customer,

We have recently learned about a new virus, called Blackworm that is scheduled to be released early tomorrow. This virus is also known by the following names: Nyxem, Kapser.A, and Kama Sutra. Following is some additional information about this particular virus:

Virus Description: Blackworm is a mass-mailing virus that attempts to spread via email. Infected computers will send out copies of the virus as attachments via email-addresses that are collected from the computer. This virus has its own email engine and it can send out emails even if you are not running an email program.

Who is affected?

Users of the Windows operating system including, Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows 2000 and Windows XP. How is it transmitted?

The virus is transmitted through email attachments, or shared network files.How can this virus affect the computer?

It creates various files in Windows and Windows System directories.

Attempts to end processes pertaining to anti-virus or security products such as Norton, McAfee, Trend Micro and others.

Creates registry entries.

Attempts to copy itself to specific network shares.

Gathers email addresses from various file types within your computer.

If the computer is connected to other network computers the virus will try to copy itself on the remote computer.

If the virus is executed on the 3rd day of every month, it will destroy all files with the following extensions by overwriting the file: *.doc , *.xls , *.mdb , *.mde , *.ppt , *.pps , *.zip , *.rar , *.pdf , *.psd, *.dmp. IMPORTANT NOTE: the potential for this virus to destroy your user data as outlined above is what makes it of particular concern.

Hopefully Microsoft Really Good Edition is more secure.