I saw this yesterday at Political Wire and never got around to mentioning it, but the Blade ran the story today.

Republican U.S. Sen. Mike DeWine was one of the Senate’s most moderate members last year, and his likely November opponent was one of the House’s most liberal, an annual nonpartisan rating system concluded yesterday.

I notice how they mention DeWine’s name, but not Brown’s.You can get the links to these reports here. Interesting stuff.In a busy world labels make it easy for voters to decide based on little or no information. Our job, and the hope for the blogs is that we ensure that enough people do get the right information before deciding.It’s also why we have to contest every race, everywhere so that messages beyond the labels can seep out. When we find the time to take a little time with individual voters it’s how we turn the tide. The Disptach had a good article about Delaware Dems doing just that

Republicans dominate every countywide elected seat in Delaware County and, historically, haven’t faced much competition. But Democrats think this might be their year. “Right now, I think we’re viewed as the underdog, but I think we’re also viewed as something to be reckoned with,” said Sam Murphy, a Democratic Party vice chairman. “You can’t exactly take us for granted . . . We’re expanding and we’re not quitting.”

This is how we win. The more people who show up and do something to educate voters on issues that are important, the more we can break through the simple labels of demagoguery, and the sooner we start the better.

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