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Over at BFD, Jill (she is everywhere isn’t she?) links up with righty blog Lincoln Logs and discusses “blog Ideas”. Best to go read the links at Lincoln Logs first I think.

Well that’s fine and dandy that some of our friends on the right look over the fence in Ohio with some envy, and I for one am not about to help them do anything. Period.

There is a very good reason why left leaning blogs are growing in Ohio and the right leaning ones are not.

They have nothing to write about.

What are Republican (note I say Republican, not conservative) bloggers going to write about in Ohio ? Lower taxes ? A thundering economy ? wonderful education systems ? A balanced budget ? Ethics ? Really what on earth can they talk about ?

They sure can’t talk about how all those miserable failures are the fault of Democrats, I suppose they could pretend that after a decade of failure they are honestly, double dog promise gonna get it right this time. Are they going to talk about how popular the current governor is ? Or how Bob Ney really is squeaky clean ? How Rod Parsley doesn’t really control their party ?

This is why the right wing blogs are weak in Ohio, because their party is weak and out of ideas, out of solutions – not that they ever had any, which is self evident by the results of their policies.

If you scan around the Ohio right wing blogs, with few exceptions they aren’t Republican they are conservative.

They don’t care about all the lost jobs, nor the high tax rates or the failing school system, not even the corruption. They didn’t even care about the infringement of states rights during the Schiavo fiasco.

See this link for what they care about, it speaks volumes. This writer doesn’t care that Jack Abramoff and his congressional pals have been selling our country out to the highest bidder and laundering money like the mob. Only cares that it might affect the GOP’s chances of winning. If they truly cared about their cause, and their ideology was real they would be railing against the corruption and policy failure and incompetence more than the Democrats do. You don’t see too many Ohio Democratic blogs being apologetic for ODP.

I lived this exact same scenario before. I saw the conservative party in Britain go from unbeatable hegemon to demolished in 4 years because they ran out of ideas, had policy failure and corruption and no one in the party had the courage to stop it. All they had left in the end was intimidation, and once the Labour party stood up to that the game was over.

The very fact the Roy Blunt and John Boehner are two of the candidates pushing to be the GOP’s next leaders shouts out to me that the GOP also don’t have the courage to internalize their massive failures and fix them. Instead they are going to reap the wrath of the voters who will force them to do it, Just as the British conservatives discovered in 1997, As too the Liberals in Canada, this week.

When the right wing blogs in Ohio start to internalize this and talk about it instead of yapping party lines and talking points, then, maybe, we can talk about “blog ideas”.

Until then, it’s pretty obvious they don’t actually have any.

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