Connie Shultz Hates Blogs – Her Own Words

In her latest reveal all Pulitzer effort

Ihate blogs. Except when I love blogs, which is what happens when I stumble onto one that forces a hard thought or an easy smile and makes me forget how much I hate blogs. Just when I think I’ve made my peace with the reckless free-for-all of these interactive online diaries — click — some well-meaning reader sends me an excerpt from a blogger accusing me of doing something I never did at a place I never was or he’s making fun of a piece of my anatomy that I thought wasn’t all that bad. Then I hate blogs all over again.

Oh good grief. Reckless ? Ok I wanna know which blogger has accused Connie of doing something she never did at a place she was never at, or which part of her body has become ridicule. Because I don’t hate blogs at all, I just hate people who make shit up – to me that is reckless.The drivel continues

Some friends and colleagues warn me: Stay away from the blogs. Some of us, though, are just tongue-on-the-cold-sore kind of people. We seek the pain we hate, reading bloggers who only heap more misery on the collective weariness of a world already hunched over from life’s burdens.

There we go again. Bloggers are akin to herpes. Nice. If only we blogged about the weather being nice and left the real issues to the professionals the world would be a better place

I am referring, of course, to political blogs. Liberal bloggers have at least one thing in common with right-wing bloggers: They all hate the mainstream media. And where’s the gratitude for helping them find that little bridge, hmm? Still waiting . . .

Maybe Connie needs to check out her own papers right wing blog, or the pathetic coverage her own paper has put out over the years sucking at the tit (I can say tit without Connie thinking I am talking about her tit, can’t I?) of the Ohio GOP.

Last week Google caved to censorship by agreeing to create a new search engine for China that would exclude e-mail and the ability to create blogs. After all, the last thing a communist government wants is the free flow of ideas. It’s real hard to force an entire population to toe the party line if the chattering masses insist on exposing human rights violations

So blogs in China would be a good idea, especially if they challenged the establishment, but we should all hate them in Ohio when they do that ? What an incoherent stream of claptrap.I read dozens of blogs every day that are better written and more thoughtful than this garbage – no wonder so many feel threatened by the blogs. You can’t just flash a pulitzer and a smile and have people read you on the blogs. If Connie’s articles had comments I’d be posting a recipe.

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