What Blackwell Blogged

I was going to go through the diatribe Blackwell wrote this week at the PeeDee, but Pho beat me to it and grasped one of my main impressions too – the utter lack of accountability he places at the feet of his own party for the decade long list of failures. Reading Blackwell is something … Continue reading "What Blackwell Blogged"

Well Maybe I was Wrong

Write Like She Talks did her very own one on one MTB with Chris Redfern. As always it’s well written riveting stuff, but this one graff really stood out for me If he were in a position akin to that of a media placement advisor for a corporation, but doing so for a politician, what … Continue reading "Well Maybe I was Wrong"

Dan Dodd Has A Blog

Dan Dodd, running in district 91 has a blog, and this interesting post It would appear that the race for the 91st Ohio House District is far from settled on two candidates. It would appear that the current State Representative has taken out petitions to run for the Ohio Senate seat to be vacated by … Continue reading "Dan Dodd Has A Blog"

What The PeeDee Should Do

With the press sniffing around this PeeDee Blackwell blog controversy already, the Blackwell campaign and the PeeDee should do the following to diffuse the situation and become compliant with the election laws of Ohio.1. The PeeDee should put up a disclaimer that the opinions expressed are that of the candidate and not necessarily those of … Continue reading "What The PeeDee Should Do"

What Brown Is Going To Miss

Brown’s self censorship of his campaign on the blogs may appear to be a smart move for him now, and he may indeed feel like he has “neutralized” the blogs, but I fear this is something he is going to regret terribly if he wins the Primary.Take this post as an example of the attacks … Continue reading "What Brown Is Going To Miss"

Microsoft Really Good Edition

A source close to Microsoft tipped me off that Microsoft is abandoning their next windows platform called “Vista” and going in a new direction. Their next windows release is going to be Microsoft Really Good Edition, as could be expected the first public trial run didn’t go without a few hitches. Of course if you … Continue reading "Microsoft Really Good Edition"