All Is Not Right In Wingnut Land

It is kind of funny that many saw the Democratic Senate primary as ugly and bitter even before the swift boating and strong arming emerged, because the Ohio GOP’s gubernatorial primary is down right toxic.Secret straw polls in committee’s, leaked emails and viscous attack ads – and it is still only February ! — The … Continue reading "All Is Not Right In Wingnut Land"


I saw this yesterday at Political Wire and never got around to mentioning it, but the Blade ran the story today. Republican U.S. Sen. Mike DeWine was one of the Senate’s most moderate members last year, and his likely November opponent was one of the House’s most liberal, an annual nonpartisan rating system concluded yesterday. … Continue reading "Labels"

Blog Power

The WaPo has an interesting article today titled “Blogs Attack From Left as Democrats Reach for Center”. It misses the message of the blogs almost entirely I think. The message isn’t one of ideology, it is one of stand up and fight your spineless asses !The more the party fails to fight, the more angry … Continue reading "Blog Power"

Count Me Out

Over at BFD, Jill (she is everywhere isn’t she?) links up with righty blog Lincoln Logs and discusses “blog Ideas”. Best to go read the links at Lincoln Logs first I think. Well that’s fine and dandy that some of our friends on the right look over the fence in Ohio with some envy, and … Continue reading "Count Me Out"