All Is Not Right In Wingnut Land

It is kind of funny that many saw the Democratic Senate primary as ugly and bitter even before the swift boating and strong arming emerged, because the Ohio GOP’s gubernatorial primary is down right toxic.Secret straw polls in committee’s, leaked emails and viscous attack ads – and it is still only February !

— The Ohio Republican Party’s regional director in Northeast Ohio has resigned, contending that party officials have secretly promoted the gubernatorial candidacy of Attorney General Jim Petro while publicly expressing neutrality. Karl Raszewski, who headed the 19-county region until Feb. 11, quit after accusing party Executive Director Chris McNulty of squelching the results of a Jan. 28 Republican State Central Committee straw poll that showed overwhelming support for Secretary of State Ken Blackwell. “If Chris had . . . let everyone see the results, Petro would have likely left the race within 48 hours,” Raszewski predicted in one of two e-mails he wrote to party officials. Copies of the e-mails were sent anonymously to The Plain Dealer. Committee members were asked to submit secret ballots choosing between a Blackwell/Petro ticket or a Petro/Blackwell ticket. Two sources said the results, which GOP Chairman Bob Bennett discussed with party leaders but did not release publicly, showed 40 votes for a Blackwell/Petro ticket and 14 votes for a Petro/Blackwell ticket.

To make matters worse the IRS is wading into GOP Politics too, as UAPA reports

The IRS Friday sent a warning to Ohio pastors who are crossing the line from preaching to politics. IRS Commissioner Mark Everson came to Cleveland to deliver the warning about the crackdown, reported investigator Ron Regan. This announcement came just a week after a 5 On Your Investigation into two Ohio groups accused of mixing politics and preaching.

Strong language from the IRS too, if you follow the link.With open primary warfare between Petro and Blackwell (Really, do yourself a favor and get out Blackwell’s blog – he attacks Petro far worse than BSB criticizes Brown), and one of their primary get out the message and get out the vote campaign machines, churches, being warned, it’s no wonder Bob Bennett is feeling apocalyptic.I think it is incumbent upon us to pile on.

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