Power Block Elite 90

Elite-90-no-stand-2As a bodybuilder you know that going to the gym and having to wait in line in order to be able to train is something that only wastes your times and puts your nerves to the test, eventually ruining your day. The thing is that you don’t need to be in a room full of sweaty people where you need to wait for your turn to train, since you can easily workout from the comfort of your own home thanks to the new PowerBlock Elite 90. These dumbbells are very compact and therefore are perfect for those who want to train at home and don’t have the money or the space for buying and installing huge dumbbell sets and weight machines.

Main Features:

1. Ability to change weights from five to ninety pounds for each hand.

2. Ten years warranty for home use.

3. Replaces twenty eight pairs of dumbbells or a total of 2,565 pounds.

4. 2.5 pounds increments.

5. Made in the US.

Saves A Lot Of Space

The PowerBlock Elite 90 distinguishes itself from other workout solutions on the market through the fact that it only takes up two feet of space and it can replace up to twenty eight pairs of the best adjustable dumbbells for P90x or over twenty five hundred pounds of weight. This means that you not only save a lot of money, but you also save a lot of time that would otherwise have to be spent moving dozens of dumbbells from place to place instead of training. And since the company has been in the business of manufacturing dumbbells for more than twenty years, it has the experience it takes to make ultra high quality dumbbells that are affordable and extremely reliable, so make sure to choose the best one in the market.

Weight Increments And Range

Beginning at a weight of just five pounds, the PowerBlock Elite 90 (as the name implies) can move up to ninety pounds of weight per dumbbell. Adjusting the weight is a piece of cake and you can adjust them by just moving the ping to the desired weight. As a result, when you’re going to move the handle, all the weights above the pin are going to move with it.

Reliability And Build Quality

The sturdy build quality of the PowerBlock Elite 90 is one of the main aspects that makes them so popular and impressive to use. For maximum safety, the dumbbells are fitted with a very reliable and durable locking mechanism that prevents the accidental slipping or falling of the weights. PowerBlock knows this very well and it took no shortcuts in this department. When it comes to the handle, it has a non-slip grip that’s very comfortable and well padded, making it simple for you to train without having to worry about the dumbbells slipping from your hands.


While you can initially expand the PowerBlock Elite 90 up to ninety pounds, you can also purchase the 8-11 Elite Big Block kit in order to take your training to a whole new level. With one hundred and thirty pounds per hand, you’ll realize just how effective training at home with the PowerBlock Elite can actually be. For comparison check out Universal Power-Pak 445 review.


All in all, the PowerBlock Elite 90 is one rugged set of dumbbells that is built like a tank and will definitely last you for at least a decade. They’re very adjustable, have a sleek design and can shape your body to that of a professional bodybuilder in just several weeks.